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Top reasons why your League City preschool child should receive an AdvancED Accredited education.

Posted on 08-27-2014


Your child’s preschool years are the most important for brain development and mental growth. A good environment for mental stimulation is vital to your child’s progression through school. Give him or her the best possible start with our AdvancED Accredited Preschool Program and Exclusive Fast Track Curriculum™ for preschool.

AdvancED - The benefits:

There are many benefits for your child, including developing the necessary skills for an advanced start in life.

The AdvancED Accredited preschool program is a wide-ranging and flexible developmental program that will accelerate your child’s learning. Education is constantly changing and it is important that your child does not get left behind in regular day care programs that may not have the most current educational programs. Our system offers the best educational programs and learning aids focused on brain development during the preschool years. The preschool years are the most important for brain development, and it is important that your child maximizes their development as much as possible.

Our Curriculum is standards-driven with activities that are developmentally appropriate and encourage children to achieve in all areas (language/literacy, cognitive, physical, social-emotional). This exclusive curriculum is specifically designed for each stage of development from infants through five years old.

Our facility is comfortable, secure and child-sized, where your child will be learning in a fun and engaging way. The right environment allows your child’s mind to be open to the instruction in our preschool Fast Track Curriculum™. Your child will learn through play and by utilizing all five senses, advancing at their own pace. Let your child experience the best in preschool education. Our AdvancED principles provide the strongest educational foundation for your child.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy League City, Texas, your preschool child will have the best start in life. Contact us or visit our facility to see our Nationally accredited program in action!

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