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Fun Easter Activities for Preschool Children

Posted on 03-28-2017

Easter Sunday is quickly approaching, and it’s time to celebrate with your preschooler. From classic activities like dyeing Easter eggs, to powdered-sugar covered treats, here are two wonderful ways to celebrate Easter next month.

Dye Easter Eggs

This classic Easter activity will add some color to your week. Begin by laying down some newspaper or paper towels to prevent a messy dyeing station.

Next, submerge your large, white, hard-boiled eggs in distilled white vinegar as a base coat.

In a second bowl, combine ½ cup of boiling water, one teaspoon of white vinegar, and liquid food coloring of your choice (15–20 drops).

Place your egg on a spoon and lower it into the bowl, letting it sit for five minutes.

Once the time has passed, carefully remove the egg and set it on a paper towel to dry. Get creative with different colors, and have fun!

Create Bunny Chow

Your preschooler can munch on this tasty treat all week long.

Begin by microwaving 1 cup of white chocolate chips, half a cup of peanut butter and ¼ cup of butter on high for 1 minute.

Stir in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and pour the mixture over a bowl of Chex cereal (or any similar cereal of your choice).

Add 1½ cups of powdered sugar, and mix until the cereal is coated to your liking.

Toss in some egg-shaped chocolate candies, and munch away!

Whether you celebrate Easter each year or you’re just looking for some exciting activities, your preschooler is bound to have a very hoppy time if you try out any of these ideas.

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