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Day care: Child brain development and learning in League City

Posted on 03-19-2015


At birth, a child is gifted with an amazing brain that allows the child to interact in the world, in new and exciting ways. We will share advice on how you can assist your child with effective brain development, in order to progress on a learning continuum, throughout daycare, preschool and beyond.

Promote learning in every activity

Brain development can be encouraged utilizing age-appropriate activities that promote learning. Chores, such as cleaning up toys, can become a learning experience by simply pretending the toys are lost animals. You can turn, what would have been a chore into fun, while picking up a mess. This is just one example out of many. With just a bit of imagination and motivation, you can promote real and effective brain development, for your child.

Avoid learning distractions

As you provide your child with excellent child care, it is important to avoid anything that might distract the child. Stress, hunger and other things can easily distract your child and hinder learning and development. It is important to facilitate a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment, which emulates the surroundings a child would experience in a daycare or preschool. Accomplishing this, you will be assured to avoid distractions, and your child will continue learning, and achieving healthy brain development.

If you are eager to provide your child with only the finest child care around, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of League City, Texas is the ideal choice for you. We offer our exclusive Brain WavesTM Curriculum that attends to your child’s unique needs, and promotes excellent brain development. Contact us if you want to provide your child with more than just a typical daycare environment.

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