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An Infant's First Steps

Posted on 11-10-2016

Every childhood milestone is important. From an infant’s first time rolling over to the first day of preschool, parents love to see their child growing and learning. Since every child is different, be patient as your child develops and learns to walk at his or her own pace. During your child’s growth (and your wait), it is nice to know what to expect during normal development. As you enjoy the cute rolling over and bright smiles, here are a few behaviors to look forward to experiencing as the toddler months begin.

  • Pre-walking

During the first through fifth month after birth, your infant will begin to develop vital muscles needed for walking. The playful time laying down and moving the legs and arms help develop your baby’s muscles. During that time, you will likely see your infant crawling (though not all infants crawl) and beginning to be more mobile. If your child attends a daycare or childcare, there should be plenty of time and room for this necessary “tummy time.”

  • Sitting Up

Around 6–10 months of age, your infant will likely be sitting up without your assistance. That’s a good sign your child is developing the core muscles in preparation for the first steps. At this stage your baby is learning balance and free movement. Encourage the growth by helping your infant to manage the new and exciting territory.

  • Early Steps

At approximately 11 to 14 months, your toddler will likely begin to take small steps for short periods of time. You may see your child playing a game to try to get from one piece of furniture to another. You may also notice a new independence as your toddler realizes the new mobility. Help your child if necessary, but be sure to offer encouragement for your child to walk and move unsupported.

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